Artist Inventory



I make quiet paintings in a noisy world. My work is an intimate meditation on humble objects and the detritus of studio life. I aim to promote a reengagement with the mundane while creating a moment of reflection for the viewer. The artist’s studio is full of memory; its history is evident in the residue layered on the walls and floor, as well as in the dusty objects scattered around the room. These remnants serve as a metaphor for the imprints people leave behind on each other and on the world. By painting forgotten corners, blank expanses, and abandoned objects, I explore the duality of absence and presence while questioning the intangibility of loss.

These pastels are part of an ongoing project: documenting the perimeter of each studio in which I work, one drawing at a time. The work begins when I first start drawing in a space, and ends after I have mapped the entire circumference of the room. This series was made over the course of two years in Manifest Drawing Center’s former Whetsel Avenue studio

during their Sunday evening open studio hours. I was fascinated by the changing light and color on the wooden ledge that bordered the room. The vents that were evenly spaced around the ledge were an interesting geometric interruption to an otherwise unbroken horizon. As I drew my way around the room, I found the least noticeable spaces to be the most interesting–it’s in the between places where nothing and everything of importance coexists. I'm interested in empty spaces that are both ubiquitous and overlooked. By methodically depicting these interior landscapes I create a map of each room, as well as a visible record of time spent there. When I paint objects, I look for subject matter that has the same resonance as blank space. Empty jars, crumpled tin foil, and accumulated tools of the trade speak to a similar appreciation for the quiet, the mundane, and the unseen. I am forever striving to make the invisible visible. Emptiness is an illusion. Even in silence, there is a

tremendous amount of noise.