The Perfect Crime

September 9th - October 22nd 2016

Opening September 9th 6 -9pm

Artists' talk 7pm


Featuring Artists


Roger Boulay

"In the series, Erased Books, I physically erase books and photograph or scan the resulting objects.  These are images about change, disintegration and the fractured relationship of the past to the present.  The paper has a palpable texture, a fragile skin in the process of being shed and renewed.  The books’ covers contain impressions of images, and faint quotes that hold traces of what was there before.  The images I make of these objects contain partial palimpsests that describe the liminal state in which print media currently finds itself."


Doug Reyes

"My work focuses on form.  Most pieces embody a study in contrasts: between actual space and space implied, a vast difference between what is IN and what is OUT.  I draw inspiration from industrial shapes, unspecified and mysterious machine parts, urban industrial landscapes. The visual interruption of the makers mark and vessel number allude to serial numbers or part numbers found on fabricated parts, ostensibly important to a specialized group. The numbers add a visual point of detail and also serve to relate the artist’s role to that of ‘producer’ of work, to imply that the artist, like a machine, can produce something for a specific nameless purpose."

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Moriarty, a rising star in Chicago’s interior design world, established his business, NMI, in 2008, after graduating from the Harrington College of Design. His reputation for coaxing divergent styles into harmonious agreement make him a sought-after talent, whose clients respect his ingenuity and capability. A Victorian gray stone will not be spared a minimalist makeover, if that’s what best defines the unique qualities of the home and the objectives of its owners. Nor

will a room ever be held prisoner to traditional color theory or art placement. And, if that perfect piece of furniture can’t be found, Moriarty will design it himself. When executing his

ideas, prevailing wisdom for Moriarty comes from Le Corbusier, “Good design is intelligence

made visible.”


List of Participating Designers:


Lagomorph Design

Casey Lurie

Steven Haulenbeek


TJ O’Keefe

Oscar Isberian Rug