Never Waiver

November 4th - December 30th 2016

Opening November 4th 6-9pm

Artists' talk 7pm


Featuring Artists


Jason Brammer

Jason Brammer’s mastery of trompe l’oeil is evidenced by transformations of spare lumber into imagined artifacts, deteriorating relics, or antique “machines.” Flat surfaces are creased, hinged, and plumbed fathoms deep.  Brammer seeks to “capture the feeling of glimpsing into another dimension” by taking us beyond material boundaries of paint and panel into visual reaches, unknown, but knowable.  Brammer’s art is featured at venues including the Lyric Opera House and Soho House, and is well represented in many of Chicago’s finest private collections.



Eric Carbrey

“Painting to me is more of a craft of letting go while striving to obtain perfection. I enjoy being challenged by my work. I experience great delight in the physical demands of painting, and the processes of creating.  The demands of color choice and consideration of how the pigments will play with and against each other are all an enjoyable part of the creation process…It is my hope that these paintings construct a rich evocative visual experience.”  Eric Carbrey’s fan base stretches from Kansas to New Orleans, from Chicago to Indonesia.



Ahmed Ozsever

“These photographs examine hidden dimensions of a domestic space and the traces of language, labor, and quotidian pattern concealed in occupancy.  The present is often referred to as a cognitive illusion, as we constantly project the very short-term future, based upon an ever-expanding archive of memories, that defines our idea of the past. My photographs suggest an elongated view of both the memorial and composite image of the past, and the anticipation

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Artwork by Jason Brammer


Artist, Jewelry Designer, Educator

My work explores the relationship between materials, design and function. As an artisan my interest in solitary work involves my pursuit of natural and industrial elements which I form into ornamental and functional accessories. The components are integral to communicating my design ideas. Often I appropriate materials that evoke specific responses based on cultural and psychological association - bone, horn, shell, antler, and various woods and briar root combined with precious metals - silver, gold and bronze. I select materials from sources in Tuscany, Africa, and India as well as the western and mid-western United States.


Singular hand crafted pieces include silver-lined wooden cuffs, wooden cuffs, wood and bone rings, silver earrings, letter openers, marmalade and cheese knives, men’s accessories, blush brushes and shaving brushes.


As the continuum of new materials and stimuli from my surroundings challenges and inspires me, I find new directions to investigate as my artistic interests evolve. My work integrates streamlined, minimal design with honest attention to refined details of craftsmanship and a profound respect for the materials I use. What drives my designs are the pure forms of architecture and nature that have always absorbed my attention