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I Am a Terrible Machine

Dates: November 16th - January 16th 2019

Opening/Artist Talk: November 16st , 2018,  6-9pm

Artists: Patrick Craig Manning


Gallery19 is excited to be presenting a solo exhibition of work by Patrick Craig Manning from his new series "I Am a Terrible Machine".


What does a photograph, freed from any body, any particular media, look like?


Largely, the subjects of these works are invisible unless you stand far away, blur your eyes, or look at them on your phone screen. The details overwhelm the entirety unless that information slips into the invisible gaps of decreased resolution.  The subject can then be seen in a failure of vision, a recognition a short step from blindness. I want the parts to be more than the whole.


This work began as a computer program that I wrote to create grids of randomly generated colors. This constant stream of digital noise was filtered by a facial recognition subroutine and the images identified with faces were saved. I chose some of these files to paint, to insert myself into the process, to act as a very slow and clumsy printer. Layers and layers of oil paint were built up, grids were made, lost, and re-established. While striving to mimic the palette the computer chose and the grid it presented, I inserted acts of rebellion.  Drips. Smears. Scrapes. Deliberate un-intentionalities.  As the hours crept by, words emerged.  I wrote these down on the studio wall:


Painting a ghost. Not a painting of a ghost

It should be humane

It should embody its own history





Lickable (likeable)

Mistakes should be embraced

Error is the thing

Not about (about is words) -no content. no subject. Not content. Not subject

It should be an emergence (the e is short/the e is long)

Can you represent a pixel?

Not a pixel painting but a painting of a pixel

Super dense


Nothing pure, nothing clean, is beautiful

I’m a terrible machine

Artwork by Patrick Craig Manning


Artwork by Casey Roberts

Dates: January 11th through February 25th

Opening/Artist Talk: January 11th 6-9pm



Artists: Macro Chavarry, Casey Roberts



Casey Roberts:

Dreamy and contemplative – Roberts’ large-scale cyanotype paintings on paper depict a variety of domestic and wilderness subjects which evoke a still and wondrous world. Subjects the artist often revisits include trees, water, animals, and sky. Through his thoughtful use of silhouettes and selective color, Roberts’ ethereal works, profound in their simplicity, tap into our longing for connection through nature.


Marco Chavarry:

My work is an exploration in balance and minimalism; I am  constantly exploring the relationships of line quality and shape.  After years of designing balanced and pleasing spaces, I began to explore creating visual work to compliment and complete those environments. Cultural iconography plays an important role in the work I am creating in this series.  I am heavily inspired by ancient pre-Columbian art, especially by South American ceramics and textiles. I am also influenced and inspired by the geometric abstraction and minimalist movements from the 1950’s and 60’s.