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Dates: January 11th through February 25th

Opening/Artist Talk: January 11th 6-9pm

Artists: Macro Chavarry, Casey Roberts, and Kaylee Dalton


Casey Roberts:

Dreamy and contemplative – Roberts’ large-scale cyanotype paintings on paper depict a variety of domestic and wilderness subjects which evoke a still and wondrous world. Subjects the artist often revisits include trees, water, animals, and sky. Through his thoughtful use of silhouettes and selective color, Roberts’ ethereal works, profound in their simplicity, tap into our longing for connection through nature.


Marco Chavarry:

My work is an exploration in balance and minimalism; I am  constantly exploring the relationships of line quality and shape.  After years of designing balanced and pleasing spaces, I began to explore creating visual work to compliment and complete those environments. Cultural iconography plays an important role in the work I am creating in this series.  I am heavily inspired by ancient pre-Columbian art, especially by South American ceramics and textiles. I am also influenced and inspired by the geometric abstraction and minimalist movements from the 1950’s and 60’s.


Kaylee Dalton

My works are a representation of growth. Interpreting the fascinating consistency of botanical growth, the expressive characteristics natural forms exude and their relatable qualities. Comparable to people, plants are intriguing and complicated. They’re always in a state of evolution, either becoming weaker or stronger. Likewise we as humans continue to change. For instance, one becomes sicker, healthier, happier or depressed etc. Attempting to create work that blurs the lines between the underground roots (inner self) and the above ground beautiful leaves (outside appearance).


My process involves many hours making numerous watermedia paintings and encaustic monotypes. Encaustic paint (hot wax) is directly applied onto an anodized aluminum plate heated on an electric griddle. A print is then pulled from it. Each monotype provides a sense of movement. Simultaneously, layers of watered down acrylic, gouache, ink and watercolors are poured on papers and plastic sheeting generating depth but also unplanned natural markings. Pieces of these monotype and papers are collaged with ink drawings and patterned textiles creating a whimsical and lush abstractions. I strive for strong textural contrasts reflective of the various surfaces found in nature and the differences in people.

Artwork by Casey Roberts


Artwork by Max Sansing

March 1st though March 29th

Opening March 1st


Gallery19 is excited to be presenting a solo exhibition of new work by Max Sansing. follow us on social media as we track Max's progress on his first solo exhibition in Chicago.


Artist Bio:


Max Sansing is a Chicago-based fine artist and one of the city’s most prolific and talented muralists. His distinct aesthetic fuses the color-drenched dynamism of street art with the technical elegance of photorealism. Born and raised on the South Side by two artistic parents, Sansing discovered his passion and creative gift at an early age. During his youth he was involved with several graffiti crews and taught himself oil painting before completing formal training at the American Academy of Art. In addition to his studio practice, Sansing is frequently commissioned to create large-scale murals and experiential installations across the country. He is deeply committed to supporting his Chicago community and is involved with numerous youth programs that expand arts opportunities in under-served areas. His work has been featured in gallery shows and special events in Chicago, New York, and Miami among others.